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Aussie & UK Angels - Reuniting Lost Family

We are a team of experienced researchers who volunteer our time to assist those who are trying to find lost loved ones for FREE.

Aussie & UK Angels - Reuniting People

We strive to fill the missing gaps in people's lives, and we understand the often emotional journey a person can take in order to reunite with someone.

We are fully versed in what resources are available to complete your search, and if we can't help, we will guide you to the people who can.

The Aussie & UK Angels are all about compassion, understanding and support, and we look forward to being able to help you.

Looking for a lost family member or an old friend?

Were you adopted and you wish to find your birth family?

Whether you are looking for someone, or just want to help make a difference in someone's life, please come and join us. You too can be an Angel!

We operate through a Facebook group, so click on to find out more, and learn how you can join us to help trace missing people, or enlist our help in your own search for a lost loved one.

Our main focus is on looking for the living, so we do not carry out Family History searches, nor do we conduct searches for descendants of people born before 1916. However in these cases, we are happy for you to leave a post on our FB page as a living relative may see it and make contact with you, or one of our members who has access to Family History records might be able to help you. We do not accept anonymous posts.